Intex Air Mattress Review

Below is a featured customer product review of the Intex Air Mattress  by Bella so Savvy The Contest; Product Review Online Resource.  Bella is a mother of children in all age brackets from infant to age 20!  She loves to cook and review products for fun.

“It happens every year, you plan ahead, maybe months in advance on how you will handle the holiday season and it seems to creep up on you in an instant. And oh yeah, did you finish that guest room? No, time just didn’t allow.

Or what if you don’t even have a guest room? Aaaahhh, but family is coming from out of town to stay for a few days, maybe a few weeks. So what now?

I’m sure that some if not many of you have been in that predicament and from what I found out recently I will be too.

My oldest daughter and her hubby are coming down from New York to stay with us for two weeks. And when will they be here? This Saturday. Hmm, doesn’t leave much time to make arrangements does it? 

So, now I’m in a huge hurry to get her old room cleared (it became a storage room when she left), and up until now I was questioning where these guys would sleep. Dani slept in a twin sized bed when she lived at home and I doubt her and hubby want to squeeze into that.

Well, thanks to the generosity of VMInnovations, they will be sleeping, I hope comfortably, in a nice, new queen-sized air bed — the Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Air Bed by Intex.


  • Sleeps 2 comfortably
  • Built-in pillow
  • Soft plush flocking
  • Waterproof top
  • Vinyl sides and bottom
  • Built-in 110- 120 volt AC electric pump
  • 3-in-1 valve for fast inflate/deflate
  • Includes travel and storage bag
  • Inflates to 19″ H x 80″ L x 62″ W
  • Weighs 18.8 pounds (boxed)

Upon receiving the Deluxe Air Bed I couldn’t wait to get it out and all set up. To be honest I have never seen or experienced one before so this was something new for me. I was quite anxious to see what it was like.


I was really pleased to find it came with a drawstring storage/travel bag. THAT is a huge plus for me because I was worried about how and where I would store it after use. The bag itself is made of a nice canvas-like material that feels pretty durable — something you’ll want for this particular item!

Something else I really like is the soft, velvety top. It will make for a more pleasant night since my daughter and her hubs won’t be slippin’ and sliding all over the place once the sheet is on. hahaa!

Assembly is super simple and super quick…. I mean WOW! I am extremely impressed.

To get started, you remove the mattress from the bag.

The mattress is two-toned in color — navy blue on bottom and taupe on top. It’s actually attractive, more so than what you can see in the images, and definitely unisex! You may notice that the storage bag matches the mattress.

Next, roll the mattress out once you’ve chosen a spot that will accommodate it’s size. This one is perfect for our needs. And since my daughter and her hubby are pretty petite, I’m sure they’ll have plenty of extra room. hahaa!

At the head of the mattress you will find the built-in electric pump. Pull down on the cover (that looks like a battery cover) and remove the electrical cord. Next step, plug it in. Of course you knew that, right? hehee.

To fill the mattress with air you’ll need to make sure the dial is set to “inflate”. If the arrow is pointing to “deflate” just turn it clockwise once. Then hit the on/off switch to the “on” position.

At that point you will hear the hum of the pump as it fills the mattress. From start to finish it took just 2 minutes. 2 MINUTES!!!

Now it may or may not take you that long to fill the mattress — it just depends on how firm you want it. In my opinion it was full enough and quite firm (a little firmer than I would need but much more comfortable than my old saggy mattress). And although after measuring and checking with the maximum fill size, it could have went even fuller.

After you’ve reached the preferred fill, turn the pump off, unplug the cord, wind it up and place it back inside the storage space located inside the built-in pump. Then close the cover.

And here it is…


Oh look at that… my son Derek wanted to be the first to try it out. hahaa!

You can’t tell since he’s so ornery and laid right in the middle, but at 5′ 11″, this boy can sleep in this Intex air bed and still have room. He could have scooted up toward the built-in pillow a bit more but since he was in a hurry to be the first in it, and not budge after, that’s where he was when I took the photo.

Deflating is just as quick and easy too! You just do everything in reverse… remove the cord, plug it in, turn the dial to “deflate”, then turn the pump on. Once again you hear the hum of the pump but this time the air blows out instead of in.

As with inflating, it took just 2 minutes to remove all of the air. If there is a little bit of air remaining, you can begin folding the mattress up toward the pump, then turn it off once it’s empty. Then turn the pump off, fold up the cord, return it to the storage compartment, then finish folding the mattress until it’s at a size that will fit inside the storage bag.

And this is what you end up with…


I promise you that this was the after picture, not the one I started with. hahaa!

It really IS that easy to assemble AND disassemble! I’m very pleased with the Deluxe Pillow Rest air bed. The quality is definitely there and I’m sure you’re probably wondering but NO, I did not detect any holes. Not even a slow leak. It held up overnight and still feels just as full as it was when I first inflated it. Even after all of us tried it out. I would estimate it held at least 300 pounds at one time– with more than one on at a time, that is. hehee!

If you’re in need of a temporary bed to accommodate unexpected guests, I highly recommend the Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Air Bed. It’s definitely worth every penny and saves you SO much time. PLUS includes the matching storage bag.  A great deal in my opinion!”

Other customer reviews:

“I have gone through many inflatable mattresses and most of them are not stable, air shifts around due to lack of baffles and such. This one is not like that. It is stable and comfortable. The built in pump makes inflation and deflation fast and easy.”  - A VMInnovations.com customer from Texas.

“This is the best and last airmattress I will ever buy. We had the airmattress set up for 3 days, and it stayed very firm, no leaks. Love it!” –  A VMInnovations.com customer from Maryland.

“Very nice air mattress.  I bought this for camping but we inflated it and used it in the living room to test it out.  It inflated and deflated very easily and quickly.  It is comfortable and seems very sturdy.  It stayed inflated well until we deflated it to put it away.  We will have to use an adapter in our car to inflate it for camping since the pump requires electricity.  It will also come in handy for house guests.  I like the height on the mattress and I also like that it can be used as two air mattresses by removing the insert.  It does take up more space than a traditional air mattress because of the frame however. ”  Valerie from Slate Hill, NY on VMInnovations.com